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Munchkin Manor Early Learning Centres are family owned and operated. Our first centre was established in 2007 with a vision to provide exceptional care and education. We have outstanding rapport with the local community and are highly praised by the families we have served since. Manal and her daughter Mirette are both mothers and have a passion for quality childcare and early education. They have combined over 20 years of experience in the childcare industry between them and ensure every child that comes through their doors is cared and educated for as their own.

As mothers, we understand the importance of providing an environment where children feel safe and secure, much like home. We understand the level of trust you place in us when enrolling your child and we strive to care and educate them as our own. Drawing on this vast educational experience, we have developed a unique early educational curriculum that incorporates every aspect of your child’s development.

Our promise to you is to provide your children with the best opportunities for them to explore, learn and develop in a loving and nurturing environment. At Munchkin Manor, each day is an adventure for your child as they are constantly learning and developing holistically in a fun, play based environment.

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Meet the Directors

A mother and daughter duo; coming together to lead the industry to higher standards and ideals.


Early Childhood Teacher and Director Greystanes

Spending most of my working life in the childcare industry, I have witnessed the importance of quality childcare in imparting knowledge, skills and confidence. I understand exactly what it is I want to see in childcare, and every day I work hard to make sure that each child that attends Munchkin Manor is cared for in the way that I raised my children and care for my grandchildren. This involves providing them with love and affection, ensuring they are sustained daily with the highest quality nutritional meals and providing access to stimulating learning resources.


Early Childhood Teacher and Director Carlingford

With a passion for enriching young minds, I left my career as a Pharmacist and completed a Bachelor of Education and have combined my knowledge of health and wellbeing with education and learning to develop a comprehensive early childhood curriculum. I am a mum of three young children and know how hard it is to leave my children. This is what drives me to make sure each and every child in my care is nurtured, loved and supported into developing and growing in to the best version of themselves.

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Munchkin Manor- Greystanes

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