Creative Munchkin

The Creative Munchkin program is focused on creative play, arts, craft and music. As your child learns new things and experiments with new ideas, they will explore different concepts and try different things. These skills will help them develop into well-rounded adults who are able to make decisions and solve problems. We focus on children expressing their ideas and feelings and encouraging them to build their identity and individuality from the very beginning.


Examples of creative play include:

  • Colouring, blocks and Play-Doh

  • Imaginative play

  • Make-believe play

  • Painting and drawing

  • Story-telling and news time

  • Collage and art creation

  • Sensory play with paint

A large part of our Creative Munchkin program is music. Children are encouraged to develop their musical brain with access to instruments such as drums, recorders and keyboards. Music enhances learning and fosters creativity and joy, and allowing children to participate at their own level and pace.

Children will:

  • Play musical games

  • Discover and learn new songs

  • Sing and dance along

  • Listening to sounds and music

  • improve social, speech and language skills

  • improve social skills

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